Atlantis joins Cybergroup on CG Live Talk

Last week we had a nice talk with one of ours friends and partners, Cybergroup International. In the CG Live Talk, hosted by our partner, our Sales Director Federico Pasini presented a range of new sustainable headwear and the technology applied to hats

We talked a lot about our sustainable journey and how we manage to combine in our products green fabrics with Italian sense for fashion and design. We presented the 2020 new green hats: the Recy Three, the ultimate recycled cap with the front made of 100% recycled cotton and the back of 100% recycled polyester; the Recy Feel made of recycled polyester and very comfortable to wear, making it ideal for sports activities. For the next winter, two new beanies: the Recy Beanie is the result of a perfect combination of softness and sustainability, thanks to the recovery and recycling of around 14 plastic bottles per kg of yarn, the Eco Beanie is made of acrylic yarn in line with OEKO TEX® standards. 

In addition to the aspect of sustainability, we wanted also to underline the importance of transparency in the production. Thanks to the QR Codes inside our hats, consumers are able to know when their new favourite article was made, where and what materials were used and the distance it has travelled. In other words: 100% transparency. 

As technology is playing a greater role in our products, we are working more and more with special finishes and new technologies in the high-performance sector. We talked about the new Quick&Dry function of the sweatband, which makes the caps perfectly suitable for sports and outdoor activities and about our special refinement, the so-called “toothbrush process” with a very soft and pleasant finish, while the unique structure provides a great 3D and colour effect. 

We ended our conversation speaking of NFC technology: small microchips in the screen of the cap, which can be read quickly and easily with a smartphone. It offers the possibility of linking a website, a PDF, an image or a video, which all makes the product interactive and exciting. 

Thanks Cybergroup for the chat!! We can’t wait to welcome you in Italy and talk again about what’s next.